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Category:   1918-1940 Postals   Group:    The First Anniversary issue of the Independence of Latvia


    This stamp is the first issue of Latvia printed in two colors, and this stamp is the only one printed in two different sizes.  Also this is the only stamp issue having been used with three different overprints.  Altogether five different issued exist which in the description are designated A to E.    

Issue A B C D E
Scott # 59 + 60 61 / 63 83 / 85 94 88

      The stamp was dedicated to the first anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia on November 18th, 1918 at the so called :Second City Theater: in Riga by the Latvian National Council.  The building is depicted on the following stamps of Latvia:  Scotts. 163, B37

    The stamp shows LATVIA symbolized traditionally by a woman in national costume, "Mother Latvija", holding in her left hand a wreath - supposedly resting on an altar.  Inside the wreath are the dates 1918 / 18 now. / 1919.  In her right hand LATVIA is holding a sword.  This symbolizes the dangerous political-military situation at that time:  the new Republic was in a state of war against the Soviet Latvian forces in north-eastern Latvia, as well as against the Russian-German forces under the command of Bermont south-west of Riga.

    LATVIA has on her head three stars, which symbolize the three provinces of Latvia: KURZEME (Courland), VIDZEME (Livonia) and LATGALE.  Behind here is an oak tree, which is a Latvian national symbol of strength, and from ancient times was considered holy.