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Category:   1918-1940 Postals   Group:    The Liberation of Kurzeme commemorative issue


10 Kap. 25 Kap. 35 Kap. 1 Rublis
1 Rublis on 35 Kap. 2 Rubli on 10 Kap. 2 Rubli on 25 Kap.

    The stamps were issued to commemorate the defeat of the joint Russian-German forces, the so called "West Russian Army" under the command of Col. Bermont, and liberating the province of Kurzeme (Courland).

    While the eastern part of Latvia was still occupied by the Soviet Latvian forces, Bermont was forming an anti-Soviet force with headquarters in Jelgava (Mitau).  He stated that his military-political aim was to defeat the Soviets and to re-establish the Russian Empire.

    For this purpose he allegedly needed passage through Riga.  This was denied by he National Latvian Army Commander Colonel Balodis.  The Bermont forces moved against Riga on October 8th, 1919, and reached the Daugava River, while the Latvians defended the city from the right bank.  French and British warships bombarded the Bermont forces on October 15th, and on November 3rd the Latvians began to counterattack.  By November 10th the Bermont Army had retreated to Jelgava and was subsequently evacuated to Germany.

    The stamp shows an ancient Latvian warrior with sword and shield, slaying a dragon, symbolizing the Bermont Army invaders.  The impression of the stamp is 25 x 37mm and the perforated stamp size is appr. 29 x 41mm.  The set consists of four denominations.

    The stamps were printed on two different pane sizes:

10 and 25 Kap : 15 x 7 = 105 stamps;

35Kap. and 1 Rub : 19 x 10 = 190 stamps   

Denomination Date of issue Quantities issued Quantity sold Surcharge Date of issue Quantity
10 Kap. December 16th, 1919 2,996,280 2,014,530 2 Rubli February 11, 1921 981,750
25 Kap. December 23rd. 1919 3,007,515 1,519,653 2 Rubli February 8th, 1921 1,488,800
35 Kap. January 5th, 1920 2,998,200 691,635 1 Rublis December 15th, 1920 1,306,980
1 Rublis January 5th, 1920 1,005,290 all sold