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Category:   1918-1940 Postals   Group:    The Tenth Anniversary issue of the Independence of Latvia


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6 Sant. 15 Sant. 20 Sant.
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30 Sant. 50 Sant. 1 Lats.


    The 10th anniversary was celebrated in various ways.  There was a set of commemorative stamps issued, with surcharges for the benefit of the planned Liberty Memorial in Riga.  See also Part II.

    The anniversary stamps by some people are considered one of the most beautiful issues of Latvia, and they depict various towns and views of Latvia.

    Dates of issue and quantities issued: in catalogues the 18 November 1928 is mentioned which is no more than a logical assumption.  The actual dates are listed below according to records in the Riga archive recently discovered.

Denomination Date of issue Quantites issued
6 Santimi November 16th 1928 4,008,000
15 Santimi November 13th 1928 6,000,000
20 Santimi November 14th 1928 660,000
30 Santimi November 13th 1928 1,250,000
50 Santimi November 14th 1928 221,000
1 Lats November 16th 1928 120,000

    The stamps were valid for postage until September 1st, 1940.