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Category:   1918-1940 Postals   Group:    The "15 May" Commemorative issue


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3 Sant. 5 Sant. 10 Sant.
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20 Sant. 35 Sant. 40 Sant.

         On May 15th 1934 Karlis Ulmanis, chairman of the peasant's party and backed by the party's Home Guards (Aizsargi), carried out a coup d etat.  He dissolved the parliament and established an authoritarian regime in Latvia.  Ulmanis declared himself Prime Minister - as he had been already in 1918, and became President of Latvia in 1936 after the term of President Kviesis had expired.

    To commemorate the 15 May the definitive set of stamps was issued on 11 December 1934.  This date of issue has no historical significance.  The stamps were widely used along the the coat of arm definitives.  This issue is sometimes called by philatelists "the allegory issue".


Denomination Date of issue Quantites issued
3 Santimi December 11th, 1934 4,400,000
5 Santimi December 11th, 1934 2,543,900
10 Santimi December 11th, 1934 8,097,500
20 Santimi December 11th, 1934 9,231,000
35 Santimi December 11th, 1934 2,063,900
40 Santini December 11th, 1934 1,549,000

    The stamps were valid for postage until August 31st, 1940.