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Category:   1918-1940 Postals   Group:    The President Ulmanis Issue


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3 Sant. 5 Sant. 10 Sant.
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20 Sant. 25 Sant. 30 Sant.
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35 Sant. 40 Sant. 50 Sant.

       A set of 9 denominations of identical design was issued on September 4th, 1937 at the 60th birthday of Karlis Ulmanis, President and Prime Minister of Latvia.

    He was born in 1877 in Latvia, emigrated after the 1905 revolution to the USA and graduated from the University of Nebraska, majoring in agriculture.  Being a Latvian patriot, he returned to Latvia, became a leader of the peasants party and a lifetime politician.  In 1918 he became the first Prime Minister of the Latvian Provisional Government in Riga and Liepaja, and was a key figure in the creation of the Republic of Latvia.  In 1934 he carried out a coup d etat and became self made Prime Minister of Latvia, but in 1936 also President.  He had to resign from all positions after the Soviets Army had occupied Latvia in June 1940.  Ulmanis was subsequently deported to the USSR, as were many other politicians, and died there.


Denomination Date of issue Quantites issued
3 Santimi September 4th, 1937 400,000
5 Santimi September 4th, 1937 400,000
10 Santimi September 4th, 1937 700,000
20 Santimi September 4th, 1937 900,000
25 Santimi September 4th, 1937 100,000
30 Santimi September 4th, 1937 200,000
35 Santimi September 4th, 1937 200,000
40 Santimi September 4th, 1937 100,000
50 Santimi September 4th, 1937 100,000

    The stamps were valid for postage until August 31st, 1940.