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Category:   1918-1940 Postals   Group:    The Twentieth Anniversary Issue


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3 Sant. 5 Sant.
202lvmnh.jpg (81909 bytes) 203lvmnh.jpg (81489 bytes)
10 Sant. 20 Sant.
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30 Sant. 35 Sant. 40 Sant.

        In order to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the declaration of independence of Latvia on November 18, 1918, a set of 7 stamps was issued on November 18th, 1938.  Like the issue for the tenth anniversary, also in this case typical views of Latvia are depicted, with the exception of the 10 and 20 Santimi stamps, where two prominent persons are depicted who had held decisive positions during the first years of the republic, as well as in 1938.  The 10 Sant. stamp shows General J. Balodis, in 1919/1921 Commander of the Latvian forces, and the 20 Sant. stamp K. Ulmanis, Prime Minister during the war of liberation, and President of Latvia in 1938. On the stamp with views of Latvia the coat of arms of the province appears where the place is located.  By analyzing a postmark collection it becomes apparent that these stamps were sold at even the remotest countryside post offices of Latvia. 

Denomination Date of issue Quantities issued
3 Santimi November 18th 1938 5,300,000
5 Santimi November 18th 1938 4,700,000
10 Santimi November 18th 1938 7,400,000
20 Santimi November 18th 1938 9,600,000
30 Santimi November 18th 1938 800,000
35 Santimi November 18th 1938 1,600,000
40 Santimi November 18th, 1938 900,000

    The stamps were valid for postage until August 31st, 1940.