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Category:   1918-1940 Airmails   Group:    Issue A


c01lvmnh1.jpg (77205 bytes)
10 Rubli
c02lvmnh1.jpg (88682 bytes)
20 Rubli
c01alvmnh1.jpg (78775 bytes)
10 Rubli
c02alvmnh1.jpg (84601 bytes)
20 Rubli

     This denomination is in Rubli, and the paper has wavy line watermark.  The denomination of imperforated and perforated stamps were issued.  The imperforated, however, were not intentionally ordered so by the Postal Administration, but remained unfinished due to technical difficulties at the Government Printing works, and the stamps had to be available for sale at the counters, as specially arranged for the visitors to the International Fair in Riga from the 31st July to August 28th.   The machine cancellation in connection with this fair was also made.  The official date of issue is July 30th, 1921, and the stamps were valid for postage until December 1st, 1928.  Thus, longer than the other Rubli/Kapeiki stamps.

  There was allegedly a Postal Administration order that these stamps were to be used only on airmail letters and postcards, but this order was obviously not observed for a long time, as soon afterwards the stamps were used on all items of mail, even on money orders although no air mail existed for this service.

  All issues are of identical design:  A Bleriot monoplane over the towers of Riga.

   The stamps were printed in 10 horizontal rows, with 12 stamps per row = 120 stamps per pane.

Denomination Date of issue Perf. Quantities issued
10 Rubli July 30th, 1921 Perforated 110,404
10 Rubli July 30th, 1921 Imperforated 15,000
20 Rubli July 30th, 1921 Perforated 329,796
20 Rubli July 30th, 1921 Imperforated 15,000